Turn off the light – review

Sixty Second Idea to Improve the World

The idea: Turn off the light

A woman presented her idea in one of the BBC podcasts: She wished that the lights all around the world would be switched off once a year/month and stated that she would get a fundamental vibe off the stars and milkyway because it makes us marvel at the world around us and realize that we all are deeply connected to the universe.

As for myself, I like the darkness and thus I would basically like her idea as well. Switching off the lights everywhere around the world sounds pretty interesting but there are a few aspects that might challenge this.

  1. Stars aren’t very visible in every country

    There might be some places where night skies are very present and breathtaking(for example in Australia or the Alps) but most city skies are virtually empty of stars. Watching a completely dark sky is actually nothing unusual, so a lot of people wouldn’t see the „special event“ as special if there’s not much to see.

  2. No guarantee that every light is shut off

    Making sure that every single light is shut off sounds quite challenging to me, if not impossible. There will always be people who „break the rules and don’t care about an event like this“. Also, important emergencies happen all around the world; there will always be some light left (ambulance lights, car lights, etc.)

  3. How exactly does it change the world?

    I don’t think it would leave remarkable changes on this world. Things might be turned around for one day but that’s it. There are other ideas that could offer steady improvement but this idea doesn’t really change something at all.

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